DIY spring/summer make over

               Make a bandeau in 2 minutes

....GO !

Step 1:  Find a large, over sized t-shirt. Cut the bottom of the t-shirt off.
( Sorry about the funky lighting, the rest of the pictures below I took with the blinds open. Sorry I am not what you would call a professional photographer )

Step 2: The section you cut off can be whatever size you would like your bandeau to be. 

Step 3: You can choose to use the fabric you just cut as your bandeau, but if you happen to have some extra fabric laying around you can add some character to your bandeau. 

Step 4: Place the new fabric on top. Now you can wrap both the fabrics around you and tie them in a pretty knot.  TA DAAA! Bandeau.... max time: 2 minutes... 

And for those of you who want to step it up a notch , make a pretty bow and use a safety pin to attach it to your bandeau. 

                Blahh heels to spring heels
 Step 1: Go raid your closet & find a pair of heels that need a little help.
 Step 2: Go to wally-world ( Walmart) & go to the paint section. They have a large selection of paints, I picked a teal blue as seen in the picture above. I painted both the edge of the shoe & the heel of the shoe.
 ooooooooohh aahhhhhh.. lookin puuurrttty so far.......
 Step 3: Take some lace fabric & wrap it around the heel of the shoe. Trace & cut.
 Step 4: This stuff makes life easier, go buy some. Right now. It sticks any type of fabric to just bout anything you want it to stick to. With this handy dandy sticky spray, glue the lace that you have cut out, spray the sticky stuff around the heel & wrap the lace around the heel. When you are finished, it should somewhat similar to the picture below.
ooo prettttyyy
 Step 5: The old shoe strings I had on the shoes needed to go. So what I did was take the old shoe strings & trace out some fabric (I chose lace fabric) to match the length of the original shoe string. 

 & the new shoe strings look like this........ yup much better than the other ones.

TAAAA DAAAAAAA ! Time to fiesta with your new heels.

                                                    shirt to tank
 Step 1: Go find an old t-shirt. I found a shirt I made when I was 10... Yeah its time for a t-shirt makeover.
 Step 2: Take a tank top & trace it over the t-shirt. Cut out what you traced from the tank top to the t-shirt.
 Step 3: Find a straight edge, I so happen to have this handy 1x2 that I used as my straight edge. First you are going to want to make a V. You will do this by taking your straight edge from the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the T-shirt on both sides.
 Step 4: You will now take the straight edge and make vertical lines across the t-shirt. When you are finished with that it should look like the image below.
 Step 5: Its scissor time. Cut out the vertical lines that you have just made. You will then cut out your "V" traced lines from step 3. 

 you have just made yourself a new summer tank. WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO, fancy.

High waisted shorts
 ( step by step instructions on there way soon !)
White shirt to cute dress
                                  ( Step by step instructions on there way sooooon )
            Goodwill dress to spring dress

( Step by step instructions on there way soooon )

Long sleeve shirt to tank top

step 1. Find a boring long sleeve shirt.

2. Place a tank top style that you like on top of the long sleeve shirt, from here you will use the tank top as a pattern to trace & cut.

3. Once you have cut the long sleeve shirt, it should look somewhat simliar to this.
4. On each side of the shirt, cut individual slits about 1 inch long. 

5. Tie each of the individual slits that you cut in step 4.

6. To add a little pa-zaz to your new tank top, find fabric that has some sort of pattern to it. 
( What I did with my fabric which was from an old shirt, from there cut out a pattern that I thought would like good on the shirt.)
7. Once you have cut out your pattern, you can sew it on to the new tank top or... go easy on yourself & use stitch glue. 
(This stuff is amazing.. it is sewing in a tube. LIFE SAVER )

Your long sleeve t-shirt is now spring weather ready ! 

  Turtleneck to tank top

step 1. find a turtleneck that needs a makeover ( yes, don't judge... I actually used to wear this).
step 2. chop off just about everything to turn it into a tank top. If there is a particular style of tank top you want to use, trace the tank top onto the turtleneck.

adios turleneck........ helllllooooooooooo new tank top.

                   Shirt to spring time tank

step 1. find a shirt that needs a makeover
step 2. find a fancy looking fabric

step 3. twist the fabric into a circular shape, & tie the ends ( you don't have to but I tied the ends into a bow). 
 Step 4. Wrap your fabric around the shirt, beneath the sleeves..
Step 5. With scissors , cut everything showing above the fabric so that the fabric is now at the top of the shirt.  
                    yayyy ! all done.
You now have yourself a new tank top . Bringggg it on spring time


  1. I'm not always a fan of "DIY" clothing, but this is pretty nice stuff! Good job :)

  2. Can't wait too see step by steps. There's quite a few things I'd like to try. Great job! I'm starting a website soon with fun art and stories, you should share yours someday, it's great to see people living their passions, I think mine is writing, I hope to go full steam ahead soon, you are encouraging. Thanks!

  3. I can't wait to do one of these thanks so much

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  5. You can't see any of the pictures!! :( so sad cuz i really want to try these!

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  8. Dang, I can't see the pictures! The ideas sound cute, I would love to see what they look like.

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