DIY home decor

  step 1: you will need some plywood, you can rummage through your garage to find some or you may need to take a trip to The Home Depot (I used a 1/4 inch plywood). I found a few 1x2's that I used to determine the height of the table, If you want to make your life a tad bit easier you can use a tape measure.
 ( If you do end up using a 1x2 you can cut the wood using a chop saw)
 Step 2: You are now going to determine the size of your table.( This will be used as a base to lay the sticks on & once the sticks are all held together you will then remove the base.)
 Step 3: To cut out your determined base size you can use an electric jigsaw power tool to cut your desired base size.

  (What it looks like after using the jigsaw)

 Step 4: Time to go outside & chop down some tree limbs. You are going to want plenty of sticks to complete your table.( & yes, it is illegal to chop down limbs from your neighbors tree's)

Step 5: start assembling your table. You will want to use thicker/stronger sticks for the outer edges to maintain stability of the table.

 step 6: Begin placing sticks over the base board to create the look of a table. ( try using straight sticks it will be a huge help when creating your table. Finding straight sticks is a heck of a lot harder than you would think.. just a little side note)

Step 7: Once you have placed your sticks where you want them, it is now time for hot gluing. Hot glue each of the individual sticks together, yes this requires patience, so just hang your tots & don't get flustered.

Step 8:  Now that you have your first layer is done, it is time for the second layer. Begin placing sticks vertically on top of the first layer of sticks( sorry about the purple blancket, I had to move all my stuff inside. The lovely benefit of living in Indiana brings its not so warm weather.). Then hot glue the vertically placed sticks to the first layer of sticks. This will create a stronger base for the table.

Step 9: Using your desired height you chose from step 1, you will now cut 6 tree limbs to the height you would like the table. These will become the legs of your table.

step10: Now it is time to get out the screw gun. You are now going to be using the screw gun to screw in the table legs. In the picture below you will see the obnoxious yellow circles. The yellow circles indicate where you need to screw your table legs.

Step 11: once you have screwed in your table legs, remove the base of your table by sliding it off to the side. Flip over the table & check for anything you may want to touch up or add extra support to the table.

 wohoooo you have turned tree branches into a table ! ( You can leave the table as it is or you can add some color to it by using paint. As you can see in the picture below I felt the need to add some color to my table.)

 Mission accomplished.


  1. is there any way you can fix these pictures?!!?! i want to make this for my backyard but i'm totally lost without them!