Hair deww time

                                                    Hair Dew Time

(I already have naturally big curly hair, I have finally found a trick that keeps my hair from being out of control.)

1.If you are in a hurry & don't have much time to take a shower to fix your hair then here is something you may want to try.
 2. Take a empty squirt bottle( purchased at the dollar store), and fill it half way with WARM water.
3. Next, add a squirt of Pantene cream ( shown in picture above), This adds some softness/curl/ & and shine to your hair. Tighten the squirt bottle lid & shake it for about 10 seconds to allow the cream to mix with the warm water.
 4. Flip your head upside down & spray your entire head, be sure not to spray to close to your roots & do not drench your entire head. Lightly spray it all over your hair.
5. Your done with the handy-dandy squirt bottle. Next, look in the mirror and pull out a few strands towards the top of your head, or even look for a few curls that need some help with curling.
6. Heat up the curling wand ( I use the one in the picture above), while you wait for your hair to try up.
7. Lightly wrap the few individual hair strands with the curling wand.....
 TAAA DAAA. lion mane no longer. Hair dew complete

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