Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chemo shampoo

 I was born with a head full of curls that I have hated for so many years. I am now so thankful for what I had. The thickness that I did have saved me from losing everything. There isn't to much left, but I have been looking for something to make my hair start growing again. My hair dresser found me a cream that she said has helped her chemo customers. Ahhhhhh lets hope for the best. If any of y'all know a good shampoo or hair product that helps chemo patients hair grow..... please let me know :)

Chicago medical hospital

I am so sorry for not responding to y'alls e-mails ! I have had to put a lot of things on hold over the last few weeks. I was at the Chicago medical hospital, which might I add was absolutely beautiful. I still have severe head pain but it is slowly getting better WOHOO. I wake up everyday hoping the pain will just go away forever. One thing I have to keep in mind.. Things could be so much worse.. I need to be grateful for any kind of improvement. I can't tell y'all enough how much your emails mean to me. With all the support and encouragement y'all have given me, it has honestly helped me get through some of the worst days.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A picture takes a moment in time & holds it still.

  I have decided that I am going to post at least one picture everyday. I have a love for photography, it takes a moment out of time, altering life by holding it still. What we have captured on film is captured forever, it remembers little things long after you have forgotten.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vera Bradley convention 2013

This was my first time going to a Vera Bradley convention, wholly cow....... it made Black Friday shopping look like a walk in the park. The doors did not open until 7:30 a.m, there was a line the length of a football field of anxiously awaiting Vera Bradley lovers. Once the doors opened, mom's & daughters became olympic sprinters. I could not believe my eyes once I saw the never ending rows of tables that were just covered with Vera's creations. I thought Vera Bradley only made purses...... yup, I was wrong. There was everything from sunglasses to bedding. I was a kid in a candy store, & the incredibly low prices were jaw dropping. I am most definitely making this a new tradition every year. 

               Thank you Vera for an amazing day & all my need goodies

                            A glimpse image of inside the convention.

                                           Mission accomplished 

                             My purchases.. I love the dogwood pattern.

The purchases above were made by my sister.... I am thinkin she should be good to go till next year. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Deep conditioning

I am always looking for new things to try on my hair. Having curly hair can be one heck of a pain in the buns. There are many home-made hair masks that I have tried & ended up liking  a few of them. Today I found a hair mask that worked wonders for this hair dew ! My mom & I took a trip to Walgreens to pick up a few refills on my meds. I found this deep conditioning mask & thought I would give it a try. It is now my new favorite deep conditioning treatment ! Wholly soft curls & no more frizz ! It says to leave on your hair for ten minutes, but I left it in for half an hour & my hair is unbelievably soft. Wahhhoooo, it just made my day.