Thursday, March 28, 2013

me myself & seizures.

I have lived in over 14 different states through out my life. I have big blonde curly hair, there is a pretty good chance that you are taller than me( 5'0) & I love eating food. I have always been a very outgoing person, I love being around people & helping out when ever I can. I am majoring in elementary education, but there is a chance my career path may have to change. I have had to put everything on hold since the beginning of December 2012. It is kind of a long story so let me sum it up a little.  Since middle school my parents have had me in & out of the doctor trying different medications to work with my ADHD. About three years ago I finally found a medication that worked. November of 2012, my doctor wanted me to try a new medication ( He wanted me to try getting off the one medication I have been on for three years, since I was on the highest dosage possible). I told him I would be fine with trying something different, after all he is a doctor & knows much more than I do about medications. Well, thinking that my doctor could never be wrong backfired on me. After taking this medication for over a month I started to have long lasting headaches, & fainting spells. Also during that I had horrible needle-like-feeling in the back of my head.  During the first week of December, I finally told my mom that something just didn't feel right with this new medication. She told me to give it another week, thinking maybe it was just the side effects of this new medication. One day I was driving home from meeting up with a friend, all of a sudden my entire body became numb & my mind went blank. The next thing I knew I was in the emergency room. I ended up having a seizure while driving, ( I have never in my life had a seizure before this time) & after spending 2 weeks in the hospital I had a total of 23 seizures. Since then, I wake up with a headache almost everyday, & they usually progress into severe migraines, or I get this sharp pain- on the right side in the back of my head -that is excruciating . I used to be outdoors as much as I could, I would love going on runs, sitting outside, people watching, photography, listening to music, and jabbering off the ears of people with how much I would talk. I am no longer able to do many of the thing I used to love. I can't be outside more than a few hours a day. I have to cover all my windows with thick dark curtains. I only watch T.V if it is on mute. I can't listen to music from headphones. I am not allowed to drive until I am a year clear of not having a seizure. I can be around people but if the area I am in becomes to loud the headache quickly intensifies... places like a restaurant/cafe/mall/party/bars/concerts/ sporting events..ect. On the days that I do not wake up with a headache I thank god & put a smile on my face. I am now taking over 12 different prescribed medications that I have to take everyday, 2x a day, to help prevent a seizure. I have recently had a few seizures severe enough that had me transported to the Emergency Room. As of today, I have been seizure free for over a week. I know it may seem recent, but I look at it as improvement and make the best of each & everyday. Because, at the end of the day I think about how lucky  I am & that life could be much worse.


  1. This is incredible. You have the most wonderful outlook on life, despite your condition. I bet everyone around you is very, very proud of you. My prayers are with you.

  2. Hi... sorry about your health issues, its awesome you are so positive :) I am an indiana girl too and suffer from health issues, just different stuff.... ( I came across ur site bc of ur cute ideas on remaking clothes, love them) anyway, I want to say I think you should check out the GAPS is greatly helping my health... and I have read some articles that it has made some people seizure free..
    here is a blog about a mom and her son who had seizures

    Hope this helps you, I try to pass info I no that may help because I know what it is like.

    My blog is started it a while back, but havnt work on it in a while.. hope to post my health issues soon on it

    Best of luck ` Amanda